PEV Benefits

There are many social, environmental and economic benefits associated with owning a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV). For starters PEVs use clean, affordable, domestic energy for some or all of its energy! As thousands of PEV owners from across the country already know, driving a PEV has the following advantages:

Save Money, While Being Green!: PEVs have lower fuel costs (electricity is much cheaper than gasoline) and they also have lower maintenance costs (PEVs have 10 times fewer moving parts than gas powered cars), which means PEVs cost less to own over their lifetimes versus a standard gasoline car.

Fuel Anywhere: You can essentially fuel anywhere that has an electrical outlet! PEVs come with a charger cord that can plug into a standard wall socket.

Fuel Anytime: As a PEV owner, you have the ability to choose when and where to plug in! Most PEV drivers opt to recharge their vehicles overnight at their home. PEVs can even be programmed to automatically charge at the best times to take advantage of the lowest, off peak electric rates. Hundreds of charging stations across California are currently available, as well as workplace charging infrastructure for those that want to plug in on the run or while they are at work.

High Performance: PEVs are built to be high performance with smooth acceleration, strong torque, good handling, and quiet.

Electric vehicle batteries have potential projected life spans of over 20 years! This means, after many years, the car can provide an acceptable driving experience and continue to deliver 70-80% of the range it had when it was new. Learn More

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: PEVs generate significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline cars, with emissions associated primarily with the generation of electricity. However, with renewable energy on the rise in California, PEVs will only continue to reduce their impact. It is not a coincidence that California leads the nation for air quality and climate change policies as well as PEV sales!

Domestic Energy: Most electricity used in the US is generated from domestic fuel sources as opposed to gasoline supplies, which are heavily imported.

Commuter Perks: Being a trendsetter by owning a PEV has many advantages which translates into preferential treatment such as free parking, discounts on auto insurance, HOV lane access, as well as purchasing incentives and rebates.

For more details on the benefits and advantages of owning a PEV, visit Plug In America and Drive Clean.