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Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV) are becoming increasingly more popular especially in California and in Santa Cruz. Numerous local residents drive PEVs because they significantly reduce greenhouse gases, save money on gas and maintenance, and they are fun to drive.

The following are brief profiles on local PEV owners:

Scott Roseman New Leaf

Scott Roseman stands in front of New Leaf Community Markets with his CMAX Energi (Photo Credit: Annie K. Rowland, www.akrowlandphotography.com)

Owner Profile, Ford CMAX Energi

Scott Roseman has lived in Santa Cruz County for 36 years, making his mark as the co-owner of the thriving New Leaf Community Markets local grocery stores. Scott and his wife Jasmine Berke have a busy family life with 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Last November, Scott purchased the Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle Ford CMAX Energi which travels some 21-miles on battery only mode.

Scott is able to drive mainly on battery power as he travels from home and work as well as run errands from his downtown office. Overall he averages about 1,000 miles per month driving the CMAX Energi. Charging the Plugin is easy with convenient and free electric vehicle charging stations at the City of Santa Cruz’s Front & Soquel Street parking garage as well as charging at his home. At home Scott charges his CMAX from a standard 110 volt outlet that replenishes the battery overnight.
Since the CMAX Energi is a plugin hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) it does also run on gas but with mostly battery only around town trips, Scott is able to drive 700 to 1,000 miles before refueling at a gas station.

“I like the feel of driving the vehicle, especially in EV mode, plus knowing that I am not using gas,” explains the local grocery store owner, who adds “The car drives well, has good pickup and handling, is comfortable to sit in, and good views of the road, unlike my previous hybrid.”

Joel back of Leaf

Joel Kauffman with his baby and dog check the waves in Santa Cruz with their Nissan Leaf (Photo Credit: Annie K. Rowland, www.akrowlandphotography.com)

Owner Profile: Nissan Leaf

Joel Kauffman is a native of Santa Cruz who lives on the westside of town with his wife and their baby girl. The Kauffmans recently purchased a 2013 Nissan Leaf which is the best selling all electric plugin electric vehicle (PEV).

The Kaufmann family drives the Leaf approximately 110 miles per week for shopping, chores and surfing. Joel loads up his surfboard in the surprisingly spacious hatchback to seek out waves from Waddell Beach to Moss Landing. The Leaf allows Joel to enjoy his water passion with significantly reduced negative greenhouse gas emission caused by gasoline cars.

“Way better all around car then I hoped – beats my previous owned hybrid by far for handling, visibility and ergonomics,” stated Joel, who also likes using less energy, not ever pumping gas, and getting most of his car power from the sun.

For longer vacation trips the Kaufmann’s rely on an older gas car for those infrequent journeys.

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