Electric Vehicle Purchase Guidance Program

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Benefits of the EV Purchase Guidance Program:

    • Get professional advice from someone who isn’t a salesperson on what type of EV or plug-in hybrid best fits your budget and driving habits
    • Get help making a budget and applying for thousands of dollars in rebates and grants to help bring down the purchase price of your electric vehicle.
    • Get support on negotiating a price with a dealer or seller that works for your budget.
    • Learn more about where to charge and apply for rebates for home charging stations.

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Find Out if You Qualify for a FREE or LOW COST Electric Car

By stacking incentives with current record-low lease pricing, many low- to middle-income drivers may be able to lease or purchase a new or used EV for FREE or very low cost. Higher income drivers can use these programs to get amazing deals on new and used EVs – as low as $100/month after incentives. There are now more than forty electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids on the market in California, in all shapes and sizes, from small affordable sedans to larger cars, crossovers, SUVs, and minivans. Read more about state and local rebates and incentives below.

8 Steps to Qualify for a FREE or Low-Cost Leased or Used Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles are in your reach! You could qualify for $5,000 to $16,500 toward the cost of buying or leasing a new or used electric vehicle. Read on to find out how.


Do you Qualify for the

Clean Vehicle Assistance Program?1

See the Income Eligibility table below. If you do qualify, apply for this grant today. The program provides a $5000 grant toward a new or used EV or plug-in hybrid and can pay $2000 toward a charging station or $1000 credit for use at a public charging station. Grants DO NO NEED to be repaid, that means $5000 FREE MONEY towards a new or used EV! Note: There is also the Driving Clean Assistance Grant Program. However, only one grant can be received.

Income Eligibility

1The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program is a grant of up to $5,000 that is applied at the dealership to help income-qualified Californians purchase or lease a new or used EV, plug-in hybrid, or hybrid vehicle. The program takes between three weeks and three months to qualify for, so start today to review program guidelines and see how it might work for you.

*Count only yourself plus any spouse, registered domestic parter, guardians
and/or dependants you have.

**Income calculation based on 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) (2020).


Do you Qualify for the California Vehicle Rebate Program?2

Those looking for a new EV may be eligible for a standard $2,000 rebate through this program. Low-or moderate- income drivers may be eligible for the increased rebate of $4,500. If you qualify for the Clean Vehicle Assistance Grant program listed in Step 1, then you are income-qualified for this rebate, too! See the Income Eligibility table listed under Step 1.

2The Clean Vehicle Rebate Program provides a rebate that you can apply for after buying or leasing a new EV. It can take up to 90 days to receive.


All California Residents are Eligible to Receive the California Clean Fuel Reward

The California Clean Fuel Reward is available to anyone who buys or leases a new electric vehicle with a battery capacity greater than 5 KWh. This instance electric vehicle reward of up to $1,500 is offered at the dealership, on a sliding scale, depending on battery size.


Are you a Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) Customer?

3CE is helping their customers electrify their rides and customers are eligible to receive a rebate of up to $4,000! The rebate can be received after the purchase of a new or used electric vehicle.

Do you live in the Monterey Bay Air Resource District Region?

If you live in either Monterey, San Benito or San Cruz counties, you are eligible to receive a rebate of up to $1,500 from the Monterey Bay Air Resource District (MBARD) EV incentive Program. The rebate can be received after the purchase of a new or used electric vehicle.


Are you Retiring a High Polluting Vehicle? If so, you could be eligible to receive up to $1,500 to retire your vehicle
Consumer Assistance Vehicle Retirement



Do You Qualify for All Incentives?
A Total of $18,000 in Savings

Note: The savings of $18,000 is for low-income qualified individuals. Savings for non-low income individuals will be less.

Drivers that qualify for all five incentives above could lease some of the most affordable pure EVs for FREE, as many leases cost less than $11,000 for three years.

Leasing is traditionally not a widely affordable way to drive a new car, but with high incentives and low-cost leasing for EVs, even drivers who qualify only for standard rebates ($5,000) may be able to use the $5,000 in incentives as a down payment and receive a monthly lease payment of $100–$150. Charging at home is between one-third and half the price of gas, so many drivers also could save significantly on their gasoline bills.

Read more from Consumer Reports about the pros and cons of leasing, and review their hybrid and EV buying guide. Leasing a car can lead to unexpected costs at the end of three years if the vehicle has mileage overages or is turned in with damages or more than normal wear and tear.


Used EVs Start at $5,000-$10,000

The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program grant can be applied toward used EVs, which can be purchased starting at $5,000-$10,000. In addition, the 3CE and MBARD rebate can be applied to used EVs and you can receive up to $2000 after you purchase your car. The savings add up to $7000!

Consider purchasing a used EV or plug-in hybrid. The Clean Vehicle Assistance Grant can be applied toward used vehicles, which can be purchased for as little as $5,000. The lowest-priced used EVs can have ranges under 100 miles and may be a good choice, depending on your driving needs. Plug-in hybrids and used EVs with 200+-mile ranges can start at $10,000 and may be better choices for one-car households or drivers with long commutes.


Charging Assistance

Do you have access to charging at home, at work, or in your neighborhood?

The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program pays up to $2,000 toward the installation of a charging station OR $1,000 in credits for use at public charging stations. You can find charging stations at Plugshare.com.

The 3CE EV Charger Program offers incentives to purchase and install Level-2 EV charging equipment. Eligible homeowners can receive $400 on a Level 2 Charger and up to $2,000 for electrical work.

Many EV drivers charge up overnight with a normal 110-volt outlet. A suitable outlet is often already available in the garage or driveway, and is a great, low-cost solution for those who drive less than 50 miles per day. Another option is to add a 240-volt outlet, which allows for a full 300+ mile charge overnight. Depending on the home, installing the outlet can cost as little as $500-$1000. Learn about charging basics: How to Charge an EV Video

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