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Our mission is to educate and advocate for Electric Vehicles for All! We strive to bust the myth that electric cars are only for the well-off. In reality, rebates and incentives drastically reduce the point of purchase cost and long-term ownership. The transportation sector is a massive emitter of greenhouse gases and greatly impacts climate change. With more people driving electric, climate resilience can be achieved, and benefits of cleaner air will be reaped for all.

Join the electric car movement and help to extend electric vehicle awareness, provide resources and access to underserved communities around affordable and cleaner cars.

Community Ambassador Volunteer Opportunities

Everyday Electric Vehicle Champion

If you own an electric vehicle and love it, or if your organization wants to encourage more EV drivers, or you have an interest in making a positive impact on the environment, then become an Everyday EV Champion and direct people to our EV Purchase Guidance Program for 1:1 assistance.

If you are an EV driver, be a Champion “On the Go” and promote your EV while out and about during your daily routine. You’ll receive a car kit with supplies that you can post on your car while it’s parked during regular excursions such as grocery shopping, beach, park, hiking, gym etc. The car kit will contain one or more of the following identification items: small suction cup flag, car magnet, car stats placard.

If you are an organization, we’ll provide a durable sign for your EV charging station and/or digital marketing material that connects your staff and network to our Purchase Guidance Program.

Time Commitment and Responsibilities:

  • Commit to displaying car kit items while your EV is parked during regular outings or commit to displaying a sign at your organization’s EV charging station (if applicable). (5-10 outings per month)
  • Commit to referring at least 10 friends, family, colleagues, neighbors to our Purchase Guidance Program website in 2021 – we’ll provide social media posts and e-mail content you can use!
  • Optional: Participate in a monthly Community Ambassador Forum – we’ll share how we’re tracking against goals and share success stories and insights. (1 Hour)


  • Have an electric vehicle: All-battery or plug-in hybrid.
  • Have a business, nonprofit, or public venue.
  • Environmental interest.
  • Be willing to share your EV driving experience if asked while car on display.
  • Have basic computer skills.
  • Bilingual Spanish not required but helpful.


  • With a very low time commitment, you’ll be inspiring others to consider an electric vehicle.
  • Help to extend electric vehicle awareness by simply calling attention to your parked EV.
  • Connect with your circle of peeps who are interested in electric vehicles but not sure where to start. You’ll be instrumental in making a connection for them.
  • A driving force in helping to direct people to our Purchase Guidance Program where they will receive personal, one-on-one assistance on navigating electric vehicle purchasing decisions and considerations.

Electric Vehicle Purchase Guidance Navigator

If you have an interest in directly engaging with others to provide one-on-one help to underserved residents interested in purchasing an electric vehicle who need step-by-step assistance, become an Electric Vehicle Purchase Guidance Navigator. We’ll match you with a person who has completed an EV Survey and is requesting assistance. You will be trained to answer questions about electric vehicle models, battery range, where and how to charge, and how to help low-income households access state and local rebates and incentives.

Time Commitment and Responsibilities:

  • Complete live online training – 2 modules of 2 hours each (4 hours total)
    Training dates:
    Module 1:
    February 23, Tuesday from 1-3 pm
    March 6, Saturday, from 10-12 pm
    Module 2:
    February 25, Thursday, from 1-3 pm
    March 13, Saturday, from 10-12 pm
  • Commit to assisting a minimum of 10 people from March-December 2021 via video conference, phone and email ultimately helping them to purchase an electric car.
    (4-6 hours per month on your own time)
  • Use our Purchase Guidance Tracker (excel spreadsheet) to keep current on people you’re assisting and their journey status. Participate in our Monthly Community Ambassador Forum – we’ll share how we’re tracking against goals and share success stories and insights (1 hour/month)
  • Optional: Be an EV Expert Panelist at one of our online EV webinars (2 hours)


  • Computer skills needed.
  • Basic Excel Spreadsheet skills needed.
  • Basic writing skills for email correspondence.
  • Be dependable.
  • Comfortable and enjoy working directly with the public.
  • Friendly, supportive communications skills.
  • Bilingual Spanish not required but helpful.
  • Sign a non-disclosure form – committing to not sharing personal information of Program Participants.


  • Bust the myth that electric vehicles are only for the wealthy.
  • Directly contribute your electric vehicle knowledge to educate and help others become electric car owners.
  • Direct impact in helping others, especially underserved residents, become electric car owners.
  • Your efforts will be instrumental in directly helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

More About Us

Ecology Action is an award-winning non-profit organization that provides innovative solutions to climate and natural resource challenges of cities, governments, and utilities across California. We know that when individuals and businesses make simple changes in their behavior, they drive large scale changes that benefit people and the planet. This translates into reduced carbon emissions, stronger businesses, healthier communities and a sustainable future for all. Together, we help people, businesses and communities act now.

Ecology Action is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to diversity in its workforce.

Compensation: This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity.