MBEVA General Meeting

October 29, 2015 - October 29, 2015,
10:00 am - 12:00 pm,
Ecology Action, 877 Cedar St, Santa Cruz, CA

We’ve got lots in store for you at our final meeting in 2015 from solar charging, solar electric trains, and much more! Topics to be covered include:
  • Car port solar charging: A Hollister company will be discussing how to solar charge your car in a car port designed with solar panels, called Starport.
  • Solar, electric train: Updates on the Roaring Camp solar Electric Rail project
  • EV Legislation: Jay Friedland from Plug In America will be providing an update on electric vehicle legislation and will be sharing his ideas on charging for multi-dwelling units.
  • EV market updates
  • A discussion on how we can create charging opportunities for drivers living in apartments and condominiums
  • Onward to 2016: Since it’s our final meeting of 2015, we plan to have a vigorous discussion/brainstorm session about what MBEVA can do in 2016 to help increase the pace of EV adoption – what’s going right and what’s not progressing – so bring your thinking caps and help us set some goals for the new year!
For questions or more information contact Kristi Markey at MarkeyKA@co.monterey.ca.us