The Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance (MBEVA) was founded in 2009 and is a California grassroots public-private partnership comprised of diverse stakeholders in the tri-county region of Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties whose overall mission is to promote rapid adoption of plug-in electric vehicles.

Volunteers ranging from business and public agency representatives to auto retailers and vehicle manufacturers to concerned citizens from the tri-county region are working together to promote widespread adoption of electric vehicles. MBEVA takes a holistic approach to this effort by tackling consumer education, government policies, charging station infrastructure, community outreach, funding, economic development and job creation.

MBEVA has 4 Impact Areas:

  1. Increase funding for, and installation of, publicly available electric vehicle charging stations
  2. Ensure local governments adopt supportive policies including streamlined EV charging station permit processing and increased number of electric vehicles in their fleets
  3. Increase public awareness about electric and plug-in electric vehicles
  4. Increase training of the local workforce for green jobs related to the electric vehicle industry and attract electric vehicle businesses to the region

MBEVA is the only tri-county body dedicated to accelerated adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in support of the region’s implementation of state legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: AB32 and SB375. MBEVA is committed to working with the region to develop a network of EV charging stations that is strategically designed to relieve potential “range anxiety” that EV owners may experience in order to spur the adoption of electric vehicles.

MBEVA Plug-in Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council Members:

Piet Canin, Ecology Action: Co-Chair

Kristi Markey, Office of Monterey County Supervisor Jane Parker: Co-Chair

Alan Romero, Monterey Bay Air Resources District: Co-Chair

Sharon Sarris: Founder, former co-chair & PEV Owner

Emily Gomez, Ecology Action

Cheryl Schmitt, Electric Vehicle Owner

Richard Tavener, Carmel Representative & PEV Owner

Teresa Buika, University of California Santa Cruz

Tegan Speiser, Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission

Mike Zeller, Transportation Agency of Monterey County

Jay Friedland, Plug In America

Jim Wasserman, PG&E

Paul Heirling, Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments

Veronica Lezama, Council of San Benito Governments

Anya Spear, California State University Monterey Bay

Joaquin Saldana, Chevrolet of Watsonville


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